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image1THE SIGHTSEENING OF MUGHAL GARDENS: With Terraced Lawns, Cascading Fountains , Paint-Box-Bright Flowerbeds And With The Panorama Of The Dal In Front Of Them . The Three Mughal Gardens Of Cheshmashahi, Nishat And And Shalimar Are The Mughal Emperor’s Concept Of Paradise And Are Today Very Popular Places For Picnics And Excursions. The Mughal Gardens reflects the sense of beauty and the lavish styles of the Mughal era in India.

shalimargardenSHALIMAR GARDEN Built By Emperor Jehangir For His Wife Nur Jehan, Shalimar, 15kms From The TRC, Is A Beautiful Garden With With Sweeping Vistas Over Gardens And Lakes , And Shallow Terraces. The Garden Is 539m By 182m And Has Four Terraces , Rising One Above Other . A Canal Lined With Polished Stones And Supplied With Water From Harwan Runs Through The Middle Of The Garden. Travelers Generally Stop Their Vehicles For Few Minutes And Look Out A Spectacle Of Snow Covered Mountains , Almost Within Touching Distance .

nishatgardenNISHAT GARDEN Situated On The Bank Of The Dal Lake , With The Zabarwan Mountains As Its Backdrop,(11 Kms From TRC) , This ‘Garden Of Pleasure’ Commands A Magnificant View Of The Lake And The Snow Capped Pir Panjal Mountains Range Which Stands For Away To The West Of The Valley. Nishat Was Designed In 1633 AD By Asaf Khan, Brother Of Nur Jehan.The garden has terraces and water canals flowing through the middle.

cheshmashahiCHESHMASHAHI At Cheshmashahi,Is A Tastefully Laid Garden In Terraces ,Which Command S A Magnificant View Of The Dal Lake Below The Surounding Mountain Ranges . The Cool Water Of The Spring Is Highly Refreshing And Digestive. The Original Garden Was Laid Out By The Shah Jehan In 1632AD.Chashmashahi in Srinagar, which is the smallest among the Mughal Gardens of Srinagar, is famous for its springs. However, here also you will find beautiful flowering trees and elegant Cypresses and Chinars.

harwanHARWAN On The Hillside , South Of The Village Of Harwan(19 Kms From TRC), Remarkable Remains Of Ancient Ornamented Tile Pavements Of The Budhist Period Have Xcometolight .The Tiles Depict The Dresses Of The People,Such As Loose Trousers, Turcoman Caps Or Close Fitting TurbansNo central canal Fountains and No terraces ;Yet sprawling flower beds with lush green sitting spaces under tall and shady chinars.

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