A Tribute

It was May 13, 2017 that brought a shocking news to the TAAK family and the whole Tourism fraternity when we got the news of untimely demise of our most favourite Mr. Manzoor Sidiq our President for heavenly eternal abode. It is now several months since Manzoor Sb left us in the midst of his tenure as President TAAK. But the life goes on and we at TAAK are committed to carry on the task and goal to upkeep the flag of the TAAK as the pioneer Group of Travel and Tourism professionals. The string of VIPs who lined up for his last respects was huge and condolences kept on pouring in for days and months at his eternal place of peace and solitude and his home. What a man! And what an amazing human being, a towering personality among born leaders, a passionate, friendly and humane homo sapien. He had developed some strange mutual bond that developed between the TAAK members and him as an unmatchable leader. Tourism and betterment of Tourism was in his blood and his care and affection for the people was clear during the Floods of 2014 when he started assisting his neighbours with whatever he had and whichever way he could. He could think of promoting Tourism in Kashmir in such Novel and Innovative ways which nobody else could. He gave a new meaning to the Trade Shows and Tourism Road Shows in Cosmoolitan Cities of India. His open air Jeep Rally Ahmadabad and Flag March on the beaches and in the markets of Mumbai gave a new dimension Marketing practices followed earlier. His taking over as The President of TAAK in 2014 marked a new phase in the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors of Kashmir. He had the guts to face challenges and had an ability to turn tougher situations to easier one with his wits and positive thinking. 51 years is just an age when you step into a new stage of life and his departure has created a void which can not be filled. We all deeply miss him.