Welcome To TAAK

TAAK has been set up by the group of Travel Agents and Tour operators of Kashmir for serving and promoting the trade of tourism in the state on uncompromising principles of honesty, fraternity, impartiality, integrity, liberty, transparency and brotherhood. We would like to assure you that we have put in our best efforts for standing by these principles.

As you all know this organization has in a short span of time done a lot of work for overall betterment of the trade and from time to time TAAK has held numerous meetings with the heads of various Government departments and Amarnath Shrine Board and sent various proposals and suggestions to the government departments & Amarnath Shrine Board, which were appreciated and yielded favorable results in the wake of present global economical meltdown and recession.

It is just only because of the goodwill earned by this organization during this short period of time that we are being invited at the relevant functions, seminars and symposia organized and sponsored by the government, semi-government, NGOs and other organizations held in Jammu and Kashmir and outside.